Almost any kind of label...

TRADE LABELS LIMITED are a family owned firm specialising in providing a complete label-supply service to the trade. Whether it be one giant sticker, say 4' x 3' (915mm x 1219mm), or 10 million 3.5." x 1.7/16" (89mm x 36mm).

Our range covers almost every conceivable self-adhesive format., We provide paper, plastic, vinyl, polyester, Teslin, Tyvek, Aluminium and dozens of different substraits. They can be plain coloured or custom printed to suit the customers unique requirements.

We also have a very comprehensive stock range which includes computer, laser, roll and general purpose labels.

There has been a gradual movement away from dot-matrix label formats towards more sophisticated computer generated systems which include Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Label Systems.

We are able to offer solutions for these systems and have a range of stock thermal transfer labels, as well as a range of Thermal Printers and systems to suit all requirements. We are also able to supply Software and Consumables to back up these systems and to provide a full service to you and your customers.

Our aim as a company is to help you generate more profit. In the ever changing business forms market where multipart sets, formerly the main profit generator in the market, have suffered a market reduction in demand and an increase in competition. It is vitally important to keep up with the profit opportunities which the ever growing self-adhesive market has to offer.

Our philosophy in business is to have fun whilst making profit for ourselves and our customers. Whilst we believe we do a very professional job in getting our customers a good deal we also believe in making our customers into friends.

We hope you will find our style to be friendly and relaxed, and that you will enjoy doing business with us. We like to laugh and joke and even flirt a little because we believe that if we like you and you feel comfortable with us then we will both help each other to maximise our enjoyment and profit.

The Old Candle Factory
Station Road
United Kingdom
LS21 3HX

Telephone: 01943-465-532
Fax: 01943-850-406

  • We can supply at a genuine trade price
  • No quantity is too large or too small for a competitive quotation
  • You can be sure that we will work on your behalf to get you the deal you want and need.